Little Tybee

Little Tybee

"Little Tybee seems to play pretty often, and you should absolutely go check them out."

There can be anywhere from five to ten people when Little Tybee makes music. From what I’ve heard, they sound really great. At the very least, you should definitely make it to their Facebook or search on Youtube for their music video for “Boxcar Fair”. This song is arranged really well, and this video is really interesting. It’s impressively beautiful and elaborate for it’s puppeteering style. These guys must work really, really hard and love arts and crafts.

The song “Boxcar Fair” itself is really great. It’s got smooth strings, clever words, and they did a really great job mixing the recording. That puppet thirsting to death at the end of the video is probably the most emotional puppeteering job I’ve ever seen. Excellent work, Little Tybee.

Everything on their Facebook sounds great. “Nero” is the first in their list of songs, and it’s just beautiful. At first, I was sort of frustrated with having to “like” their page to even listen to anything at all. I planned on “unliking” them after I wrote this review, but I actually genuinely like this band. They’re great.

Little Tybee seems to play pretty often, and you should absolutely go check them out. They played at The Earl a couple weeks ago, and they’re playing at a fundraiser in Savannah tomorrow. If you’re in Savannah, go to that! If you’re in Atlanta, check them out the next time they play there. They’re playing at SXSW as well. Little Tybee is a band you don’t want to miss.