Mark Tulk

Mark Tulk

Art Rock from RoomFiftyThree

Mark Tulk runs a recording studio in Athens called RoomFiftyThree, but he’s also got his hands on quite a bit of his own music. He says he’s been composing, recording, and arranging for almost twenty years, and the maturity on his album “Central State” really shows the experience. You can find all 10 tracks from “Central States” on Mark Tulk’s Bandcamp page. They’re varied, complex, subtle and satisfying.



The album opens with “Open Sky,” which is most likely my personal favorite of the 10. Almost everything on this track is relatively sparse and extremely well placed. Especially the drum sounds. They almost meander around for the whole track, as do pianos and violins, but it somehow seems perfectly organized. There’s a great bit of subtle complexity here.

“Shadow Light” is another stand out. From the beginning, the piano sounds are incredibly and perfectly reverberated. The layers build an almost ambient atmosphere before the song really kicks in. And when it does kick in, it’s refreshingly immediate. Multiple vocal tracks punch in altogether and make this one of the stronger songs on the album.


Mark Tulk is tagging his music as folk, art rock, acoustic, and alternative. I’d say those are all pretty accurate for this sort of Patrick Watson-esque folk rock. He’s certainly got a unique sound going, and his experience shows on every song on “Central State.” Head over to his Bandcamp to give them a listen. You can buy the album for $10 or stream if for free.