Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours

Atlanta Indie Rock

Quiet Hours is making some great indie rock down in Atlanta. They released a five-song album on Bandcamp called “When I Was Dreaming” on April 13 this year, and you can download it for five dollars or stream it for free. Their album artwork seems to be a high speed photo of a water balloon or bubble bursting. That initially drew me in for a listen, but these songs are really interesting! If you like happy college rock, check these guys out!

The biggest stand out on these songs is the vocals. They’re highly reverberated, and nicely layered. That kind of thing is hard to pull off well, but it totally fits in here. It’s refreshing to hear some arena reverb on something that doesn’t sound at all like the Fleet Foxes. “Boarding School” is the first track on the album and it really demonstrates this idea.

My personal favorite of these five songs is “Neighbors.” It begins with a really interesting drum beat, and then those indie rock guitars and beautiful vocals come in.  This song feels the most mature to me, musically and emotionally. That drum beat throughout the song somehow never gets boring. Great job!

Go check out Quiet Hours! Look them up if you’re in Atlanta, or head over to their Facebook to hear their music online. These guys are doing great, and they deserve the encouragement of some album purchases. This is the kind of music I want to find more of in Atlanta.