The Sexual Side Effects

The Sexual Side Effects

The Sexual Side Effects is the name of a band who sells condoms as a part of their merch. They say they’re combining elements of Britpop, post-punk and the androgynous mystery of 70s glam rock. I wouldn’t argue with them. They’ve got some psychedelic elements as well as some Arabic elements. These people are too interesting. Check them out.

There’s a video on their website for a song called “All She’ll Ever Hurt.” I would stand by a strong statement that this would be a first exposure to this band. It’s well made, and it shows you what this band is all about.

The Sexual Side Effects often bring even more visual aspects to their performances with a companion art show, guest musicians, go-go dancers, body painters, burlesque dancers and fire performers, among other spectacles. I’m sure this is the kind of show that would not leave your eyes bored.

You can download The Sexual Side Effects album High Maintenance for free or donate to it from the band’s website. It’s definitely interesting and it’s also extremely mature for a band that’s only been together about a year. These folks have played everywhere from The East Atlanta Strut to The Masquerade, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Give them a look and a listen and decide for yourself what you think about The Sexual Side Effects. I’m pretty sure you’re going to have an opinion. This isn’t the kind of boring band that will leave you feeling pretty neutral.