Whoa. I can't believe this came out in 2012 and not about fifty years ago. This is one of the only things I've ever heard that I would be totally comfortable with calling "rock and roll". This is like the time period immediately after Elvis started getting more popular meeting all the new technology we've got these days.

Go to Stonerider's Bandcamp page and check out their sixteen sogn album, "Foundtains Left To Wake." Be sure to listen tot he full dynamic range vinyl master version though. Since they went as far as to put that version up there, you should totally take advantage of it and listen to the best quality you can.

It's great to see something not ultra compressed on Bandcamp. I'm pretty sure the way Bandcamp works though is that the preview you get to hear without buying it is always an mp3, but if you download this one, I'm positive it would sound way better than the other one.

The first track on this album is my favorite. It's so perfectly rock and roll. It's called "When I Was Young", and it has everything you want to hear when you'r ein the mood for good old 1970s classic rock. I'm imagining all my favorite visual stereotypes while I listen to this, but I'll not spoil your visual imagery though and let you make those calls for yourself.

This band is perfcect for the classic rock crowd, the guitar crowd, or anybody who thinks that music these days is missing something huge. Check them out!