Georgia DIY Punk

Werewolves love freedom, love, and peace, and their music is totally great! I think a lot of people around the country would call this folk punk, and it’s totally in line with that cute sort of honest, DIY, plan-it-x type of pop punk that I want to find more of in Georgia. These dudes would fit in really well in Indiana or Florida. Their album “Georgia” is on Bandcamp as a digital download for one dollar. You know what they say: “If it ain’t cheap, it ain’t punk.”

“Georgia” starts off with a really cool fade in track called “This Is Where We Come From” and then blows right into tons of great tracks. The first full song, “The County Line” really establishes that sort of folk punk sound. Fans of Nana Grizol, The Heligoats, Paul Baribeau, or Defiance, Ohio should definitely check these guys out.

My Favorite song is probably “I’m An Archeologist.” All of these songs have lots of honest, mature themes, but this one seems to be deeper than most. The melody is catchy, the words hit hard, and the music carries it along perfectly.

If you’re in Athens, be sure to find these guys! If you’re not, head over to their Bandcamp and stream songs for free or help the cause with a purchase. Turns out, they know Kyle Hall, Mitch The Champ, and Madeline Ava! Who knew? Those are great people, and I’m sure Werewolves are great people for knowing them. Keep up the good tunes, good ideas, and great feelings, guys!